Audio Book Recording

Audio Books Sell

If you have written a book it is a great idea to make it available as an Audio Book.

All you have to do is read your book in the way it was meant to be read and we will record every word – in a relaxing, comfortable studio.

Your performance will add a personal touch to the recording that only you as the author can provide with your voice. Only you will know the intention behind every line.

Once your book has been recorded – we will mix and master it so it reaches the high standards iTunes, Audible and on-line audiobook stores demand. We will do all the technical stuff helping you every step of the way.

Check out Audible here – the market for this is huge and growing!

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Audiobook sales will overtake sales of ebooks within the next year

Audio Books Sell

According to a customer survey by Nielsen UK Books, UK consumers bought 3% fewer books in 2018.

However, audiobook sales have actually doubled in the last five years. According to Hayhouse publishers, audiobook sales will soon outstrip ebook sales.

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You are welcome to visit Heathcote Studio and read a few pages of your book for free to see how the recording process works.

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