Hypnotherapy Script Recording

Hypnotherapy Script Recordings

Over the years Heathcote Holistics have recorded hundreds of hypnotherapy scripts (yes, that’s right!).

The studio has a relaxed atmosphere with subdued lighting – a perfect location to record your hypnotherapy recordings.

Just relax – and decide on how you want your hypnotherapy recordings to sound. You chose whether to have soothing music,  echo, reverb or even with or without subliminal speech.  You decide on levels, tone, and style – and we are here to help you at every step of the way.

We can even produce binaural beats at specific frequencies.

Get in touch today to discuss your project – you are welcome to visit the studio without any obligation to see if Heathcote Studio is right for you.

Record your Hypnotherapy Scripts and sell them online.

Heathcote Studio has recorded a wide range of hypnotherapy scripts.

Once we have recorded your scripts we will mix and master them to a professional standard. We can also help you to distribute them via iTunes to enable you to sell globally or via your website.

We can also produce hard copy CDs for you to sell to your existing clients.

Contact us now on 01926 741255