Blog: Live Recording – How To Construct A Set List

How do you construct your set list?

What songs do you want on your album?

First of all, think about your very last song – the album you want to end on.

This is the one gig where you will be 100% certain to get an encore.

Do you want your audience to sing along? A lot depends on your style – do you want a big finish?

Now chose the song before your encore – your last song of the set. The song you sing before your encore. 

Chose one of your best songs to finish.

Then, choose your first song of the gig. It is important to start off with a strong song – it will be your first song on your album.

Think about the rest of the songs you want on the album… check out the speed of the songs – try and not put 2 songs together that sound very similar … also check what keys the songs are in –  alternate a fast song with a slow one maybe –  … and fit them into your set.