Blog: Crowd Funding And The Art Of Asking

“You know what’s really cool? Wake up every morning, decide what you feel like doing, and do it.” 
― Amanda Palmer

One way of financing your live CD is by using a crowdfunding scheme like Kickstarter.

Crowdfunding is a scheme where in return for money given to you by “patrons”,  they receive, for example, something in return from you.

So for donating money to your new live CD project,  they could get in return downloads of your music, hard copy CD’s, a free house gig for themselves,

Blog: Grow Your Own Gig

Steve Knightley is a Singer Songwriter based in the South West of the UK and performs both as a solo artist and as part of the duo Show Of Hands with super musician Phil Beer.

If you haven’t heard of Steve Knightley, Show Of Hands or Phil Beer I can safely say they are massive in the folk world.

In 2014 Steve Knightley came up with the “Grow Your Own Gig” concept, which involved individual fans organising Steve Knightley gigs in village halls as part of a tour throughout the UK. Their fans actually organised over 75 gigs – a phenomenal amount of concerts.