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Blog: Crowd Funding And The Art Of Asking

Blog: Crowd Funding And The Art Of Asking

“You know what’s really cool? Wake up every morning, decide what you feel like doing, and do it.” 
― Amanda Palmer

One way of financing your live CD is by using a crowdfunding scheme like Kickstarter.

Crowdfunding is a scheme where in return for money given to you by “patrons”,  they receive, for example, something in return from you.

So for donating money to your new live CD project,  they could get in return downloads of your music, hard copy CD’s, a free house gig for themselves, exclusive songs that have not been recorded, an early release of a CD, free tickets to a gig etc, all depending on what money they are prepared to give you.

For example
Amanda Palmer, a New York based singer songwriter, had enjoyed a successful musical career. In 2012 she announced on her blog she had launched her new CD on Kickstarter and those who were prepared to support her would get a copy of her CD via download.

24,883 backers logged on to support her and they raised $1,192,793.
She has since released other albums, videos, and a book – called The Art of Asking – which became a best seller.

On her Bandcamp page she gives away her CD for $1.

The old fashioned idea of going into a posh studio, paying out LOADS OF MONEY, selling your CD via a record company and distributing your CD via a chain of shops is dead.

You can quite easily sell your own CDs at your gigs – sell your music on-line, and even give your music away for free – but in return get a one off or even a regular subscription from a patron.

Maybe a promise of £3 per month you will give them your next  3 CDs for free.

Or a donation of £50 – you will give them free downloads of all your music.

For a donation of £100 you will play a gig at their house and give everyone that attends a free CD download.

Think “out of the box” – not to sell your CDs but to convert people into fans who will stay with you and not only buy your music – but to buy into your music emotionally as a fan.

You can then convert these fans into getting them to put on a gig.

What resources do you need?

All you need is a website, Social Media knowledge, a blog and the ability to ask people if they will be prepared to sponsor you.